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SP Industries is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of service, product quality, and product design. We also remain committed to sincerely, professionally, and ethically serving the best interests of our customers. This commitment to quality is guided by the following principles:

We recognize investments from our shareholders as confidence in the quality of our work and cultivate this relationship in order to reinvest in our future.
We use ‘best in the industry’ components and work with our suppliers to stay at the leading edge of development to improve our products.
We respect the needs of our customers and will meet those needs with unparalleled products, service, support, and value.
Our position in our community will be to protect the environment and improve the quality of life where we work and live.
Our safety and the safety of our customers will not be compromised.
Communication and mutual support is the foundation of our organization, our innovation, and the service of our customers.
We recognize the importance of competition and will strive to ethically and honestly maintain our share of the market.
We are personally responsible for our actions and take pride in making a difference.
We believe that success is measured by our ability to exceed expectations.
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PTR Self Contained Compactor

Sure-Tite Liquid Retention System Eliminates Leakage
The PTR Pak-Tite (PTR) line of waste compactors is the solution to your wet-waste requirements. The PTR Pak-Tite units are ideal for supermarkets, malls, movie theatres, restaurants, hospitals, food processors and retail supercenters who process wet waste. The Clean Flush Sump System with Trash flow coordination is designed to allow liquid to exit the area behind the platen into the 750 gallon liquid sump resevoir. This liquid waste is diverted to your sewer system though the drain port reducing your hauling weight, saving you money in hauling fees. A unique PTR “T” seal is used around the door and is a specially designed composite ensuring a Sure-Tite Seal that is self-cleaning and provides a liquid-tight environment.

Heavy Duty Innovative Construction
The PTR Pak-Tite series compactors are 100% U.L approved and manufactured in the United States by AWS (American Welding Society) certified welders. Each unit is made with a heavy duty structural steel design with side channel reinforcement, a peaked container roof for better water runoff, heavy-duty door with full door seal, heavy-duty container sides and charge box and a concave trashmaster door allowing more efficient compaction.

PTR Quality Guarantee
PTR Baler and Compactor Company prides itself on quality, performance and durability. Each unit is water tested and factory inspected to insure many years of dependable use. We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk by backing each unit with our best-in-class PTR warranty.

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Galfab Front/Rear Load Compactor


Attractively Blends Into Its Surroundings

Galfab’s neat, clean appearance, in both the rear loading model and the front loading model, blends attractively with its surroundings. With the Galfab’s low 40” loading height, even the most petite person can handle the job. Close the lid, insert the key in the Power Pack Console and turn the Galfab’s powerful hydraulic system on. The packing blade automatically cycles.

Incorporated in the Galfab design are unique safety features that prevent the compaction cycle from operating while the loading chamber lid is open. Another important safety back-up feature is a mushroom STOP button on the Power Pack console that will halt operation at any point in the cycle. The Galfab’s key-operated system also allows the charge lid to be locked for controlled access.

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International Dynetics 520 Compactor

Container Packers – Model 520 Series
The Model 520 Series Trash Compactors are normally installed in street level trash rooms and used in conjunction with a trash chute system in Hi Rise buildings. Operation is automatic, with the unit being activated by an electric eye which senses trash in the loading hopper. These units are typically used with two cubic yard compaction containers which, when full, are wheeled outside for pick-up by a commercial trash service. The unit automatically shuts down when the container is full.

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International Dynamics XM Bag Packer

Bag Packers – Model XM-40 Series
The Model XM-40 Series Trash Compactors are bag packers normally installed in below grade trash rooms, used in conjunction with a trash chute system in Hi Rise Apartment Buildings. These trash compactors can also be hand fed. This compactor compacts and extrudes trash into heavy duty trash bags. Single or multiple bags are available. Using the multiple bag system, the unit will compact and extrude up to 500 lbs. of trash before bag removal is required. This system is ideal for times when the machine may be unattended, such as over weekends, etc.

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